Name: New design handheld Z07-5 Monopods with bluetooth for iPhoen or Samsung
Model: Kjstar Z07-5


New version Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod---Photograph and video yourself wonderful everywhere!

1. Packing box changed to smaller than before which save your shipping cost.

2. Now include one big L phone holder and thick mat(same suitable for small and big smartphone,as long as you add the thick mat to the L holder)


Application and features:


1. This wireless mobile phone monopod is based on the HID communication technology and suit for iPhone with iOS 4.0 system or above / smart phone with Android 3.0 or above to take self portrait.


2. Easy to use: Charging the Monopod → Pairing your cellphone and the Monopod (Bluetooth) → Slip the phone to the clamp →Focus yourself →push the button.


Three colors option: Black / Pink / Green  (if you also need blue color,we also can supply it to you 






*Max load capacity: 500g

*Flex height: 235-1005cm

*Main material: Steel

*Flex section:7

*Net Weight: 169g


*Battery Capacity:45mAH

*Charging Voltage:5V

*Charging Time:1h

*Standby Time: ≥100hs

*Autodyne Frequency: ≥500times

*Working envirement temperature: -10℃-+40℃

*Working envirement relative Humidity:10%-90%

*Support Systems: ≥Andriod3.0、ios4.0

*Main Funtion: Autodyne By Wireless Mobile Phone


Packing details:



Usage instructin:

At fir use,please pair the mobile phone and monpod first via bluetooth,then use it as followed: 

1st step: Full charging time: 1 hours

2nd step: Pairing: Mobile phone and Monopod Apple iOS or Android system: open the"Setting"-Bluetooth-turn on Monopod-Searching autodyne system"Kjstar"-enter the system-complete pairing(The pairing of camera and monopod need not password,the pairing is on-going when the blue led light is flashing quickly,please operate it within 40 seconds,otherwise,you need to restart the power,rescan and repair.)

3rd Step: please put the mobile phone into the phone clamp,if the clamp is  too large,please us gasket

4th Step: Fix the mobile phone clamp on the screw

5th Step: Stretch the monpod

6th Step: Focus on yourself and push the "press"






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