Name: Professional 8m waterproof Bike Mount Security Case for iPhone4/5/6/6 plus


Universal outdoor&diving 8 meters waterproof Bike Mount Case for iPhone4/4s/5/5s/5c or iPhone6 or iPhone6 plus 


Thre are 3 sizes of waterproof phone case for option:
1. for iPhone4/4s/5/5s/5c
2. for iPhone6
3. for iPhone6 plus




*Bicycle handlebar clip range: 20-23mm diameter
*Material: ABS+PC Silicone PTE

*Waterproof grade: IPX8

*Feature: shockproof/dustproof/waterproof
*Accessories: Lanyardx1, Mountaineering bucklex1, Beltx1



To ensure your Ultraproof prior to assembly to ensure the sales of the folling instructions:
-A waterproof test is mandatory prior to assembly to ensure the seals of the case are functionally correctly.
-This battery case has covers over audio and charging ports.If these covers are removed or damaged,the case will not protect against water.
-Make sure to inspect all ports and seals each and everytime you open the case.
-Perform the waterproof pre-test after drops or bumps to ensure the case is still working properly.
-The Ultraproof case is designed to be sumerged repeatedly up to a depth of 8 meters to 30 minutes
-Make sure all seals are tightly closed before you submerge the case in water.



Enjoy your adventures but remember your case and iPhone are precision pieces of equipment.Make sure to take care of your case and understand its limits.Do not leave the case in water for longer than instruuted.Do not drop the case from a height of more than 3 meters.Failure to read and follow these safety instructions could result in fire,explosion,electrical shock or other hazard,causing serious and/or fatal injury and/or property damage,for which damages you,("Purchaser")not Ultraproof are liable.Under no circumstances will Ultraproof be held liable for damages and/or replacements of cell phones,mp3 devices,tablets,or any other product used in conjunction with an Ultraproof product.Furthur,failure to follow the instructions laid in this manual will void the warranty:
-Do not modify,disassemble,open,drop,crush,puncture or shred the product
-Keep away from open flames or sunlight to prevent heat build-up
-This product is not intended of children and is not a toy.Keep away from Children
-Ensure that all persons who use this product are familar with the safety guidelines set forth in this manual:
1.Opening Your Case
Separate the screen cover from the back of the case using the tab located on the top of the case.


2.Make sure to all debris from the recess around the perimeter of the case.Place your PHONE face up in the rear shell of the case.


3.(a)Snap together the top shell to the back shell of the case starting at the bottom.
   (b)Squeeze the sides all around the case firmly to ensure the rubberized liner had made the case waterproof

4. Button on the bracket


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