Name: Universal silicone bicycle holder strap for fixing smartphone gps s
Model: SM-BD12

Silicone Bicycle Phone Support Belt
Mountian Bike Bandage

Product Name: Bicycle mobile phone bracket bandage (mountain bike, bicycle mobile phone, navigation anchor belt)

1. Material: Silicone.

2. Product size: 106 * 60 * 2mm.

3. Product color: black, red, with the amount can be customized color.

4. Product weight: 18g.

5. Product use: the product sets in the bicycle bracket four buckle or the ball head, and then cycling bracket and mobile phone clips fastened, mobile phone fixed on the phone clip, the product corresponding to the four corners of the set of four mobile phones Corner.

6. Product Features:
A. Product flexibility, and can be used in the market of any mobile phone and mobile phone bracket.
B. High tensile strength.
C. Creative fashion, mobile phones, navigation universal.
D. Easy to carry and install.

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