Name: 3M glue Mount for support Car DVR F900/F500/K2000......
Model: SM-B03


Paste multiple support, vehicle traveling data recorder DVR bracket, paste Holder, 3 m adhesive stick Mount

This section on the left and right sides with 2 adjustable direction design, bottom put 3 m (VHB) double-sided adhesive design, adsorption force strong, the overall ultra small portable, fixed after shaking, firm and durable. Suitable for GPS navigator, running recorder DVR, DC, DV, camera, movement, and directional antenna and fixed, adsorption force (bearing hoisting: 5 kg routine use of hoisting: 2 kg), can adsorption desktop, glass, such as any surface. Free installation in the car windscreen or smooth plane, connection interface by using the unified general size, convenient and reliable. The new main black POM (120 degrees high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance - fifty degrees), screw through salt spray test for 24 hours, welcome you to choose and buy

Installation instructions:

1.Tear off the bottom of the cup protective film;

2.Will support viscose face toward the windscreen or other surface paste, confirm support has been firmly;


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