Name: 360 degree rotation 3M adhesive single buckle Mount for car dvr DOD LS300W/GT300W/LS300/GS600
Model: SM-B04


Sports DV paste bracket, auto paste bracket, single-button paste bracket, 3M glue bracket

3M Sticker color is by random: white color or red color

Head by wayward ball rotating design, the bottom of the stick 3M (VHB) double-sided adhesive design, super adhesive force, the overall ultra-small portable, fixed, no shaking, reliable and durable! Suitable for GPS, navigation systems, tachograph, DC, DVR, sports DV, camera, and directional antenna fixed adsorption force (load lifting weight: 5KG routine use of hoists: 2KG), can be adsorbed on the desktop, glass and any other surfaces. Can be freely installed in the car windshield or smooth flat surface, connect the interface unified universal size convenient and reliable. Black body with a new POM (high temperature of 120 degrees, low temperature -50 degrees), screws have been salt spray test 24 hours, you are welcome to buy


Ball rotating single button, 3M paste bracket
*Scope: GPS (navigation) and tachograph with a digital camera and DV Universal Sports
*Outer packing carton: 54mmX31mmX31mm (400pcs/11kg)
*Bracket Material: Interface POM, the main POM, paste 3M (VHB), through environmental certification
*For the environment: temperature 90 degrees, low temperature -35 degrees (load lifting *Load weight: 15KG routine use of hoists: 5KG)
*Bracket Dimensions: base 55mmX43mm, adjustable maximum: 60mm, package height 55mm, adjustable head rotate 360 ​​degrees or more, the interface size Universal (Product weight: 25g)


Installation Instructions:

1, Remove suckers at the bottom of the protective film;

2, the bracket adhesive side facing the windshield or any other hard surface paste, confirm stent is securely;

3, the mini-recorder mounted on the bracket, adjust Tighten the locking knob;

4, through the joints to carry tuning knob shaft properly adjust the appropriate angle;


Real Photoes:


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