Name: New-style shade better 7inch or 5inch GPS Sund Shade
Model: SM-SS04


GPS navigator Hook GPS visor sun Hat Sun Screen Shade

Upgrade new design, superior blocking the light, to help you solve the GPS navigation in the bright light reflective, obscure issues. Make your
Driving ease, no longer worry about not clear navigation routes can be reduced to 300 lumens of light, so that navigation is still under strong sunlight
However, you can clearly show the non-reflective. Can be common in the 7 inch navigation systems.

* Blocking the light, reducing 300 lumens of light
* Cruise streamlined design, generous U.S. regulations
* 7-inch navigator, and similar portable digital universal
* Easy installation and easy removal, solid and reliable
* Non-toxic, tasteless, can be recycled, in line with international environmental protection standards
* Does not affect the satellite signal reception


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